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April 2, 2022

AI In Cybersecurity

We are in the age of digitalization where data is being produced at an unprecedented rate. The demand for efficient and secure methods to store, process, and analyze this data has never been greater. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. AI can help us to make sense of all this data and improve the security of our systems. In this blog post, we will explore how AI is being used in cybersecurity.

What is AI in Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity has become a big concern for organizations and individuals alike as the frequency and sophistication of attacks have increased in recent years. As more and more devices are connected to the internet, the number of potential entry points for hackers has increased, making it more difficult to protect networks and systems.

AI in cybersecurity is the use of artificial intelligence, or machine learning, to help protect information systems from cyber-attacks. AI can identify and respond to threats faster than humans can, making it an important tool in defending networks and systems against cyber attacks.

Why AI is important in Cybersecurity.

Organizations that rely on software and automation for productivity and efficiency find it almost impossible to protect their systems completely using human intelligence only. Over the years, human resources alone have become inadequate to protect organizations and businesses from cyber-attacks completely. Organizations need to utilize AI in cybersecurity to realize the benefits listed below.

AI handles more data than is humanly possible

A tremendous amount of digital traffic passes back and forth between an enterprise application and its users. All of this traffic provides ample opportunity for cybercriminals to inject malware into the data stream – especially for cloud-based SaaS applications. Conventional methods are simply inadequate for security experts to monitor all of this traffic to detect unauthorized payloads.

When used in cybersecurity, AI can quickly analyze volumes of data across an application provider’s network to detect anomalies in traffic patterns. In short, AI in cybersecurity accelerates responsiveness in detecting and responding to threats to secure a network and its application data. AI in cybersecurity can detect vulnerabilities that are being – or could be – exploited, and alert security operations (SecOps) to these issues.

Early detectability and management of risks

Without AI, an organization can only manage risks and vulnerabilities when they become aware of possible threats. The security team’s effectiveness is limited to their knowledge of existing threats to a company’s network. However, criminal hackers are continually coming up with new ways to circumvent security systems. 

Due to the constant ingenuity of cybercriminals, it would be humanly impossible to keep up with the new security threats. AI in cybersecurity can identify threats that are yet unknown to security experts. Through automated, early detection, an organization can respond quickly to seal any security holes that could make the organization vulnerable. AI processes can also respond to threats immediately – before humans become aware of them – helping to ensure even better protection for the organization.

Continuous learning for AI in cybersecurity

To ensure network security in the long term, there needs to be continuous advancement of knowledge. While a capable IT Security team is essential, the need for automated risk and threat assessment increases with the growth of data and advancements in technology. AI can monitor millions of records, recognize threat patterns, and can keep learning and adapting to changes. These capabilities make AI a formidable weapon against the evolving tactics of hackers.

Illustration of machine learning


AI is important in cybersecurity as it can handle more than human resources alone. With its ability to monitor large amounts of data, fast response to threats, and continuous learning and adaptation to future threats, AI in cybersecurity can better manage security risks to an organization. 

It can be very costly for an organization to fix the damage brought about by cyber attacks. In the case of cybersecurity, prevention is better than cure. AI in cybersecurity may provide the best prevention mechanisms for information systems by helping to identify threats before they happen and act on them before they can cause any damage.

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