Digital Engineering Transformation Services

Your Need For Transformation

You’re pressured to deliver new software functionality and features faster – all while constantly improving quality – but your current processes, structures, and people prohibit responsiveness to your business needs and goals.

With technological change rapidly transforming how we do things, it’s not enough to simply create products that provide value in the present. Your processes, tools, team, and structures require the speed and agility to continually innovate, scale, and add new customers.

You’re Not Alone

We know where you’re at. Your technology resources are tied up in handling today’s problems – let alone ready for tomorrow’s challenges. We’ve seen it dozens of times and we’ve helped software businesses like yours by providing an enduring digital engineering strategy that enables your team to produce value faster for your business and your customers.

Transform Your Software-Driven Business

You face tremendous pressure to take your idea from concept to market and grow it as quickly as possible. The digital world requires you to deliver a simple, easy-to-use, frictionless customer experience 24/7. The market is changing rapidly to respond to customer demand. You need the right methodologies, tools, processes, and people that leverage data and technology to improve your applications or create entirely new digital products to respond.

FifthVantage provides digital engineering services using a proven playbook – based on our experience building Amazon Web Services and products at Microsoft – to help you achieve your vision with speed, agility and reliability. We can help you optimize your engineering practices to become world class, too.

1. Create Modern Digital Engineering Practices

We will empower you with a proven digital engineering strategy – both the methodology and playbook – to take your ideas from concept to production reality, and then scale it to achieve your customer adoption and revenue goals.  We will instill the processes, tools, and insights from the right data to get your application improvement or new product to market faster and more efficiently than if you tried to do it yourself.

2. Establish Cross-Functional Integration

Integrate your development, operations, and infrastructure teams for faster build to release time. Our digital engineering services will help you create cross-functional assembly lines – known as pipelines – across your value chain. We’ve helped a client increase their release output by 300% with their existing teams. We’ll implement modern tools, automation techniques, and processes to accelerate your application launches, and increase collaboration by reducing organizational bottlenecks.

3. Institute Sustainable Processes

Ready to respond to challenges both now and in the future? We’ll infuse our proven methodologies and Agile development techniques into your existing practices – equipping your organization to build the necessary readiness to rapidly execute your objectives and achieve operational excellence. We helped one of our clients to speed application delivery time by 25%.

4. Streamline Quality Analysis

Achieve faster time-to-market and scale growth without cutting corners. Execute the required governance checks, such as automated testing, security reviews, and rapid modifications for your applications. We helped a client reduce defects by 33% by introducing world-class techniques.

5. Provide Organizational Structure

Having all the best tools and processes won’t help without the right organizational structure and people skills in place. Perhaps you need a better way of managing remote developers. You may need to hire a VP of engineering. We’ll identify gaps within your current structure and skills of your staff to help you scale and improve your engineering teams for optimal velocity and utility.

Contact us today for a frank discussion on how our digital engineering and strategy services can help you become the next digital leader in your industry.



I would definitely recommend FifthVantage to my fellow CTOs in the YC community and the StartX community.

Calvin Usiri

CTO, Ramani

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FifthVantage worked with our technical leads to develop a set of recommendations including a target architecture and migration steps.

Dean Teffer, PhD

IronNet VP of Detection & Analytics

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