Woman using online data with privacy concerns

How Privacy Laws Will Govern a Large Percentage of the Global Population

The strong growth in digital transformation has not gone unnoticed by governments everywhere. Individuals today are more likely to be shielded by data privacy and information security laws than ever before. For companies that provide products and services around the world, the message is clear: Governments are moving fast to strengthen privacy rules, enact new regulations and update existing data

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Participating in remote online video conference from home.

Moving Toward a Digital-First, Remote-First Enterprise

Hardly any company today hasn’t experienced the disruptive force of digital. For some businesses, the disruption feels like a rumble. They make changes here and try to keep up with their markets but do so without any significant change to their core business model.

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Illustration of 5G edge computing

5G Edge Computing

5G edge computing is a buzzword getting a lot of traction. So, what is edge computing topology? Is 5G IOT technology here to stay? In this post, we consider the implementation and benefits of 5g edge computing.

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Devices that use cloud native application architecture

Cloud Native Application Architecture

Many businesses and companies are moving towards the cloud, as cloud native environments  offer many benefits. In this post, we dig deep to explain the advantages of a cloud native application platform architecture.

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AI overlaid on network circuitry

AI In Cybersecurity

We are in the age of digitalization where data is being produced at an unprecedented rate. The demand for efficient and secure methods to store, process, and analyze this data has never been greater.

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