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Your software company is under pressure to innovate, operate more efficiently, reduce time to market, and add new capabilities – but your internal resources are already tapped-out, and you can’t afford any mistakes.

We’ve been there. FifthVantage is a world-leading consultancy that’s helped dozens of software-driven businesses take control of their future. Partner with us for actionable digital transformation strategies to modernize, innovate, and grow.


Strategic Technology Planning

Expert advisors help pick the right technologies and implement them into your software the right way.

Software Architecture Advice

Leverage our deep cloud & AWS expertise in designing, reviewing, and developing complex software architectures. See improvements in speed, reliability, and availability.

Digital Engineering Transformation

Optimize your technical team’s processes to deliver efficiently and rapidly in the 24/7 digital world. Smart updates for a full digital business transformation.

SaaS Delivery Model Transformation

Our SaaS consultants can help transform your software from on-premise to SaaS. Achieve an outstanding user experience and better value for both you and your clients.

AWS Cloud Technology Services

Cloud-native architecture consulting that considers IoT, big data, ML, and other cutting-edge technologies. Find help adopting AWS for rapid response times and superior CX.

Technical Due Diligence for Investment or Acquisition

Know the genuine value of acquisitions or investments. We’ll provide a comprehensive assessment of a company’s technology, leadership, and skills so there are no surprises.

digital butterfly
digital butterfly
Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Transform the outlook and capabilities of your business to meet the demands of today’s 24x7x365 digital world.

Edge Computing Solutions and Consulting

Substantially transform your technology organization for success with proven designs for reliable and scalable edge computing architectures.

AI Transformation

Assess where you and your organization are in your AI journey and get ready for the next step

Ai Readiness
Ai Readiness
AI Readiness: Your Blueprint For Transformation

In a future empowered by AI, the journey is unchartered. Are you ready?

Our Enterprise AI Acceleration Workshop

Changing the mindset from “hearing the buzz” to “making qualified decisions”

AI Strategy
AI Strategy
AI StratPlan: Winning AI Strategy for Your Organization

Our team of dedicated AI strategists offers personalized AI consulting services and strategies

Our global expertise has produced a proven playbook for excellent results. We ask the right questions and advise on avoiding pitfalls to deliver a personalized approach to strategic technology planning, cloud-native architecture consulting, SaaS transitions, and more.

We’ve helped dozens of technology businesses like yours to take control of their future with clear and actionable digital transformation strategies that led to sustainable scalability and reliability.



and see how FifthVantage can make an instant impact for your business.


  • Privately held and funded B2B and B2C tech growth companies
  • Mid-size software companies and divisions of publicly traded corporations
  • Private equity and venture capital firms


With speed, agility, reliability, and efficiency.

We support software-driven businesses in creating innovative products and experiences. We help them make the right technology, architecture, and design decisions all within their budget. A true digital business transformation often means using AWS cloud-native and technologies like edge computing, machine learning, and the internet of things is necessary for a competitive advantage.

You can trust us at FifthVantage to recommend operational improvements that will maximize the return on your investment in technology.

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Achieve digital transformation for your businesses that goes beyond countering present challenges and sets you up for seamless future growth. Powerfully leverage SaaS consulting and cloud-native architecture advisory services.


Disrupt the status quo with technology strategy and best practices that can respond to rapid changes in the market and deliver innovation that outpaces your competitors. We helped digitally transform a company to help them go public within 12 months.


Deliver business and technology solutions that meet complex challenges and assure rapid, high-quality outcomes. We helped a client redesign their streaming analytics capability in 50% less time.


Generate higher value while lowering overall cost with faster time to market, using powerful insights combined with Agile methodology. We helped a client deliver software releases 100% predictably.


Find exactly where outdated legacy software systems are hurting your bottom line and how to modernize them. We helped a client create their API strategy in 40% less time.

Redesign for Cloud Native

Choose and leverage AWS cloud services in 30% less time.

Improve Processes

Deliver 3X more output with your current teams.

Work Faster

Create new products and functionality in 25% less time.

Scale & Grow

We helped a client scale their architecture to 10X users in 3 months.

We’ve created new cloud computing, SaaS, and business-to-customer software products, then scaled them from the ground up to earn billions in revenue. We can do the same for you.

Meet Matt Domo — Founder and CEO, FifthVantage

Matt Domo

Meet Matt Domo — Founder and CEO, FifthVantage

As one of the founders of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Matt is a global pioneer in the cloud computing space. Over 30 years, he has delivered nine cloud computing products and digital transformation for businesses and helped generate over $2 billion in revenue for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace.

As one of the founders of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Matt is a global pioneer in the cloud computing space. Over 30 years, he has delivered 9 cloud computing products and helped generate over $2 billion in revenue for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace.

As a business leader, Matt is a visionary. He can decipher core components of a complex problem to deliver a compelling, impactful solution and he places a premium on building trust with his business partners. With a customer-centric focus, Matt and FifthVantage are committed to providing inventive solutions and creating plans that outpace competitors.

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Companies just like yours have generated higher value, lowered their costs, and improved time-to-market by over 25%. See how by reading through our case studies.


I would definitely recommend FifthVantage to my fellow CTOs in the YC community and the StartX community.

Calvin Usiri

CTO, Ramani

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FifthVantage worked with our technical leads to develop a set of recommendations including a target architecture and migration steps.

Dean Teffer, PhD

IronNet VP of Detection & Analytics

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