Technical Due Diligence for Investment or Acquisition

Business investments and acquisitions are an important part of enterprise growth strategy. They can help you establish market dominance, complement your existing solutions and processes, or prime your business for future scalability. To ensure you’re making a good investment, you’ll want to independently vet your prospects for technical soundness and business fitment. 

At FifthVantage, we offer comprehensive technical due diligence services. These include an in-depth assessment of the technology, processes, product, and architecture of your target organization. For PE (private equity) and VC (venture capital) investors, our goal is for you to understand exactly what you’re getting for your investment. In the case of acquisitions, we’ll make sure that you will understand how the target technology and talent will fit into your own operations.

We’ll help you understand the intellectual property of the target company and its fit to you. We perform a high-level assessment of software delivery capabilities. We also assess the target’s tech leadership team to provide guidance on strengths, weaknesses, and fit with your goals. Make a confident investment decision backed by expert guidance.

1. In-Company Assessment

Investment due diligence begins with a thorough assessment of your own company. This gives us an insight into how your own solutions and processes work, enabling us to draw parallels and comparisons with those of your target.

2. Technology and Skills Assessment

We get down to business, analyzing the technology framework employed by the target company. This includes AWS due diligence for SaaS acquisitions, evidence of innovation, and their familiarity with disruptive technologies like IoT and Big Data. We’ll also assess the skills and competence of their talent, the transferability of those skills, and their potential ability to drive growth for your own company.

3. Exhaustive Product Evaluation

Our product evaluation goes beyond assessing technical viability and business impact. We’ll pop the hood and take a close look at their software architecture design. The aim is to give you a clear picture of what their solutions can do for you.

4. Assessing Payback

Our technical due diligence will include a realistic assessment of the growth potential of your prospect. We’ll help you understand whether a potential acquisition or investment will help you realize your stated business goals.

Our pre-investment audit helps you understand exactly what you’re buying into. Leverage our expertise to make an informed decision. Reach out to us to discuss a potential prospect and to learn more about what goes into our technical due diligence process.



I would definitely recommend FifthVantage to my fellow CTOs in the YC community and the StartX community.

Calvin Usiri

CTO, Ramani

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