What We Do

Is your enterprise software architecture designed to support your organization’s strategy, growth, and performance? If you’re like most, you already have too much on your plate trying to maintain the systems you have in place – let alone build for the future. That’s where we can help.

From cloud engineering services to technical due diligence for investments or acquisitions, FifthVantage delivers clear and actionable technology strategies to transform your business into an agile, resilient, and scalable enterprise:

AWS Cloud Technology Services

Leverage our experience building some of the world’s largest SaaS offerings.

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Edge Computing Services

Accelerate your organization with our expertise in edge computing solutions.

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Digital Engineering Transformation

Optimize your engineering practices to provide world-class applications.

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New Technology Assessment and Adoption

Correctly leverage cloud, Big Data, IoT, and other disruptive technologies.

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SaaS Delivery Model Transformation

Transition to a pay-as-you-use SaaS model in 25% less time.

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Software Architecture Development Advice

Establish a resilient software architecture that fuels future growth.

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Technical Due Diligence for Investment or Acquisition

Thoroughly vet investments and acquisitions for technical soundness and fit.

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Strategic Technology Planning

Unlock hidden potential in your enterprise and generate continued value.

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Secure Your Future

From our experience building billion-dollar software products for Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace, we know that your enterprise software architecture is the foundation for your future performance and scalability.

FifthVantage provides full-cycle software architecture services including edge computing, AWS cloud consulting, and strategic technology planning. Our top-tier cloud engineering services will help guide you through your transformation from start to finish – so you can minimize operational costs and risks while structuring for scalability and revenue growth.

Our deep understanding of enterprise software architecture, cloud technology, and the AWS ecosystem, has produced a proven playbook of strategies that can propel your organization toward its modernization goals. Our strategic cloud engineering services encompass refining and optimizing your team, processes, tools, cross-functional communication, and delivery timelines to respond to the speed that today’s digital market requires.