AI StratPlan: Winning AI Strategy for Your Organization

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Unleash the Power of AI: Your Strategic Pathway to Success

You want to move on AI but you may not have the capabilities, knowledge, or bandwidth to create a great AI strategic plan.

How can you unlock innovation and efficiency through the power of AI? Our AI StratPlan Service is designed precisely for that purpose.

Become more competitive and disruptive

The challenge

You’ve recognized the need for AI in your business. You’re at the threshold of a transformative journey, but the path forward seems daunting.

The expertise required to build, manage, and operate AI initiatives isn’t on your team – yet. You’re aware that you need a comprehensive approach, a well-defined AI strategy to guide you, and a robust plan to execute it.

You’re seeking a trusted partner to guide your way forward. A partner who will provide top-notch service without draining your funds. We understand – and we’re here for you.

The solution

We’re not Accenture. We’re not Deloitte. We’re a team of dedicated AI strategists who deliver boutique, personalized AI consulting services and strategy, without the hefty price tag.

We are former software executives from Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace who have led software products that generate billions of dollars in revenue. We know exactly what it takes to empower your business to leverage technology, improve operations, stay competitive, and achieve strategic objectives in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our mission? To help you create a comprehensive AI strategy and plan. To assess your readiness for AI implementation and design a clear roadmap for your success. We’ll fill the gaps in your strategy, your skills, your people, and your processes.

In short, we offer a comprehensive AI strategic plan specifically for your organization. Faster. More efficient. More reliable. More personalized.

Clear Goals and Roadmap

Who we help

We work with serious, committed businesses that want to harness the power of AI. Companies that are keen to get it right, and require expert guidance to design strategies and plans that truly fit their needs.

While we do serve some tech companies, most of our clients are non-tech. They’re mid-market firms with annual revenues ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. These businesses are ready to invest in AI development and they need our deep AI consulting services expertise and technical skills to make it happen.

What we offer

We’ll develop a detailed 12 to 24-month AI strategy plan for you, including clear objectives, goals, software architecture, and deliverables. We’ll recommend a prioritized roadmap, identify your resource needs, and guide you in purchasing any necessary software.

Now You Can Execute at Hyperspeed

Our process

We’ll deep-dive into business analysis, stakeholder engagement, industry and market research, and AI landscape assessment.

In creating your AI StratPlan, we will

  • Identify AI use cases
  • Develop a data strategy
  • Assess technology
  • Evaluate risk
  • Create a comprehensive AI strategy roadmap

Change management planning will ensure a smooth transition as AI becomes an integral part of your operations. Our AI consulting services include a monitoring and evaluation framework that will keep track of progress and ensure your AI initiatives align with your business goals.

Know who to hire and how to Implement

Your AI strategic plan won’t be just a list of hardware and software recommendations. We also offer a detailed budget assessment so you can be confident about the resources, time, and money required to achieve your goals and objectives.

We’ll guide you to our trusted partners to build the solutions so that your employees can focus on strategic outcomes and impact.

Escape the Mundane

Ready to Elevate Your Business with AI? We are seasoned C-level executives and veterans of the AI and Cloud Computing industry with Amazon AWS, Microsoft, HP, and Symantec that created transformational products generating billions in revenue from the ground up.

We know exactly what it takes to empower your business to leverage technology, improve operations, stay competitive, and achieve strategic objectives in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. We’re uniquely positioned to help you rationalize the best uses of AI to transform your business. We’ve seen it. We’ve done it. And we’re here to help you achieve it.

Let’s build your AI strategy and your AI future together. To learn more about our AI consulting services, reach out to us today.