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Is your cloud-centric application failing to provide the responsiveness you need to meet customer expectations? Our expert edge computing consulting services can help you improve your performance, process high volumes of data more efficiently, and provide a better experience for you and your customers. From sensor data processing to real-time analytics and distributed computing and microservices, we’ll help you design edge computing solutions customized for your business that will deliver quick results across your organization.

FifthVantage can help you meet your business goals and provide you with a strategic roadmap – giving you the tools you need to be successful across an ever changing disruptive landscape.

Edge computing solutions can benefit most industries including, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, retail, science, and education. Get faster results that save you time and allow you to better allocate existing resources.

Edge computing solutions bring data processing and analysis closer to the devices – from sensors to POS and mobile – to provide a more responsive experience.

Our edge computing consulting services are designed to help your organization develop a winning strategy and to design and implement edge computing solutions to achieve your specific business goals. We offer the following services:

Edge Computing Assessment (Starting at $10k)

Looking for an outsider’s expert opinion of your current idea or intentions?  We provide architectural consulting and deliver a written assessment report that identifies how you can use edge computing to improve your business and obstacles you may not have considered that could hinder your success.

Audience Level: Engineering, Product Executives, and Leadership teams.

Ideally used when you:

  • Formulate new edge computing ideas
  • Checkpoint vision, strategy, and course of action 
  • Assess technical design with your broader technical team
  • Need to identify challenges & opportunities in your approach

We’ll work with you to:

1. Identify use cases

Identify edge computing solutions that will most benefit your organization, such as reducing latency for real-time monitoring systems, increasing critical infrastructure reliability, or reducing data transmission and storage costs.

2. Identify opportunities

Identify opportunities for cost savings, improved performance, scalability, reliability, and other benefits by implementing edge computing.

3. Assess your current software and infrastructure

Assess your organization’s existing software and IT infrastructure design, including network architecture, data management, security, and cloud integration.

4. Identify gaps

Find the top-level gaps in your organization’s current IT infrastructure and software design and architecture that need to be filled to support edge computing.

5. Evaluate hardware and software

Evaluate the compatibility and scalability of hardware and software components required to implement the best edge computing solutions for your organization.

6. Develop recommendations

Develop recommendations for improving and  implementing your edge computing strategy and addressing any identified gaps in your approach.

Technology Strategy, Design, and Implementation Services

Looking for expert guidance from start to go-live? Our edge computing consulting team will help your organization to identify the most appropriate use cases for edge computing, develop a strategy, and guide you through implementing it effectively.

1. Assess technology strategy

Evaluate the critical elements for success, including key aspects the strategy must cover, potential gaps, and the benefits of implementing edge computing solutions aligned with your organization’s overall business goals.

2. Design

Develop a detailed plan for efficient implementation of your edge computing solutions to achieve better performance, high-volume data processing, and deliver a better experience for you and your customers. We’ll cover:

  • Cloud Integration
  • Hardware And Software
  • Data Management
  • Data Security
  • Latency And Reliability
  • Network Architecture
  • Power And Cooling
  • Scalability
  • Support & Maintenance

3. Implementation

We’ll guide you through installing and configuring the edge computing solution, including edge devices, software, and network infrastructure.

On the edge about proceeding? As former software executives from Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace, we’ve created software products generating billions of dollars in revenue. We know exactly what it takes to accurately assess resources, design reliable and scalable edge computing architectures, and substantially transform technology organizations for success.

Contact us today to learn about our edge computing solutions and consulting services.



I would definitely recommend FifthVantage to my fellow CTOs in the YC community and the StartX community.

Calvin Usiri

CTO, Ramani

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FifthVantage worked with our technical leads to develop a set of recommendations including a target architecture and migration steps.

Dean Teffer, PhD

IronNet VP of Detection & Analytics

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