Frequently Asked Questions

What is FifthVantage?

FifthVantage provides technology solutions and services for B2B software companies that are looking to generate sustained double-digit growth through their technology investments.

Can you help plan technology deployment in my organization?

Yes. Our strategic technology planning services provide a detailed execution roadmap to help realize your vision and business priorities.

Can you help me create a resilient architecture for my solution?

Certainly. We have deep expertise in designing, reviewing, developing, tuning, and improving software architectures for new and legacy systems. Create a solution that stands the test of time with our software architecture advisory services.

Can you help my organization transition to a SaaS model?

Yes! We’ll help you build a SaaS delivery mechanism for your solution(s) that delivers quality experiences for your client and better value all-around.

Can you help my organization migrate to the cloud?

Effortlessly migrate to the cloud with our Amazon Web Services consulting. Make the right cloud design choices and use AWS services effectively.

Can you execute technical due diligence for a potential acquisition?

Yes. We’ll thoroughly vet your prospective investments to determine the soundness of their technology, long-term viability, the potential for integration across your own offerings, and more. Proceed confidently with our pre-investment technical due diligence services.

Can you help me leverage the right software and technologies for my organization?

Absolutely. Sustained growth and scalability only comes from investing in the right technology and it’s a big part of our advisory services. We’ll help you understand how to correctly leverage technologies like cloud, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and others to create genuine value for your enterprise.

Can you help improve scalability for legacy software systems?

Yes, we can. We’ll help optimize your software architecture, teams, and processes so that your legacy systems can continue to support your growth and scalability goals.

Do you offer cloud hosting services?

FifthVantage doesn’t host cloud servers. However, we do offer a complete suite of Amazon Web Services consulting to provide you with the right cloud infrastructure for your organization.

What are your credentials?

FifthVantage was founded by Matt Domo. As CEO, he brings over 30 years of expertise in cloud, infrastructure, and e-commerce solutions. Matt is one of the founders of Amazon Web Services, nine other cutting-edge cloud products, and seven e-commerce solutions. He is a pioneer in the cloud computing space.

Where are you based?

FifthVantage is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us through this form or simply by calling us at +1 (512) 537-0527.