Analytics dashboard helps prevent a digital transformation fail

Why Digital Transformations Fail and How To Prevent It

Businesses around the world are being fundamentally transformed, due to technological advances that offer the potential for a better business model. With faster processing, more bandwidth, software redesign, cloud services, and the Internet of things, we can change the way people interact with technology.

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Woman using online data with privacy concerns

How Privacy Laws Will Govern a Large Percentage of the Global Population

The strong growth in digital transformation has not gone unnoticed by governments everywhere. Individuals today are more likely to be shielded by data privacy and information security laws than ever before. For companies that provide products and services around the world, the message is clear: Governments are moving fast to strengthen privacy rules, enact new regulations and update existing data

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AI overlaid on network circuitry

AI In Cybersecurity

We are in the age of digitalization where data is being produced at an unprecedented rate. The demand for efficient and secure methods to store, process, and analyze this data has never been greater.

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