Cloud Computing

Analytics dashboard helps prevent a digital transformation fail

Why Digital Transformations Fail and How To Prevent It

Businesses around the world are being fundamentally transformed, due to technological advances that offer the potential for a better business model. With faster processing, more bandwidth, software redesign, cloud services, and the Internet of things, we can change the way people interact with technology.

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Man on laptop reviewing technology debt

How to Balance Technical Debt vs. Features In Your Technology Roadmap

In simple terms, technical debt refers to the cost of doing things quickly over doing things right. Traditionally, software is developed in stages. These stages are often based on features and fixes.

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Devices that use cloud native application architecture

Cloud Native Application Architecture

Many businesses and companies are moving towards the cloud, as cloud native environments  offer many benefits. In this post, we dig deep to explain the advantages of a cloud native application platform architecture.

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